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The Original Cupcakery Story

The Original Cupcakery, has been bringing exceptional cupcake experiences to Texas since 2008!

All good things start with a dream. From its roots in Jacksboro Texas, that dream sprouted its first store in 2005.  The Original Cupcakery has set it self apart from others by offering old time favorite flavors as well as new and exotic cutting edge creations to satisfy every taste. Setting us apart is not only the exceptional taste of our cakes but the creative beauty of design. Each and every cupcake is a little work of art! Our expert bakers bake fresh daily at each location. The artistic side is brought about by our classically trained decorators who work tirelessly to bring visual impact to each and every single cake!

We hand craft our cakes from the finest ingredients available, and keep it old school by even hand cracking eggs, and hand sifting every ounce of flour and sugar to guarantee the experience of every bite! Our frosting's are also made in house daily to assure a smile in every bite. Again by using only fresh butter and cream cheese with no hydrogenated oils or chemical stabilizers the end result is beyond expectation!

Grandmothers recipes have found a new home, and our chefs continue to follow them exactly to bring you the smiles we have shared throughout the years! While keeping close the secrets of the past they also step into the limelight offering new and creative flavors that keep you coming back experiencing delight.

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